1 Day Tour Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend from Las Vegas (14 People Small Tour & Lunch)

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rtsd Jan 24 2019

It was my first time to visit this place. And actually, I cannot speak very good English and know a little about Antelope Canyon prior this trip. To be honest, if you asked me what were the differences between upper, lower or X Antelope before this trip, I can told you nothing! It was not very deep to descend to the bottom of Lower Antelope Canyon but also need you to concentrate these steps when the elders or younger you accompanied with. The light filtering through these curved red walls from the top to bottom, with the varied shadows, created such a natural marvel for you to must see.

ra*******th Jul 18 2018

The long-time journey did not influence my exciting emotion when I saw the Antelope Canyon. Touring at bus was boring but the soft seats were comfortable. Our tour guide was excellent and could speak English and a little bit of Chinese. This slot canyon was so beautiful, especially in summer. We love all the attractions particularly rambling along with the Horseshoe Bend. Great journey I had never ever experienced before!

ma*******eu Apr 25 2018

My family and I did thoroughly recommend this trip. We just planned to the Antelope Canyon prior to the trip but unfortunately, the ticket was just sold out so we alternatively choose this one-day tour instead. Prior to Antelope Canyon we traveled to the Horseshoe Bend. Quite beautiful scenery if you wanted to see the river which shape was exactly resembled like the horseshoe, quite interesting as well. The total time we spent at Upper Antelope was nearly 75 minutes but at the meanwhile, truly long boring trek in van we had before arrived at our destination. But this stunning canyon it truly deserved you to spend such long time and this was definitely a worth trip we had chosen either.

Mi*****an Jun 13 2017


Bi***iu Jun 13 2017


RO*****UM Jun 13 2017


Pa**an Aug 26 2016


BR****************ER Aug 12 2016

nice guide,nice view


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